Mario Kart DS / Items

Here you can learn about the items and how to use them. Many items can and should be dragged behind your kart for protection against shells (except Blue shells). Dragging does not work online.

If a banana is hit it will cause the driver to spin out. You can use the banana as a protection against other weapons by holding it behind your kart with the Y button. Holding it behind your kart also allows you to pickup another item. Bananas can be dropped behind you or thrown ahead by pushing Up and the Y button. Try to put bananas in a narrow place where they will most likely be hit by other drivers.

Banana Bunch
Tap the Y button to hold three bananas behind you and cause some fun damage by spreading them around the track.

When used Blooper will fly over to an opponent and cause ink to cover their DS screen which makes it harder to drive well. If you get inked, try to use a mushroom or get a boost to remove the ink quicker.

Blue Winged Shell
Let this baby fly and it will attack whoever is in first place. When it hits it will cause an explosion which could hurt other drivers, including yourself, so watch out!

With practice you can use this to be quite a deadly weapon. Whether thrown way ahead forward or dropped behind, the Bomb-omb will wait for a player to come near it and creates a giant explosion when they do. It has a short time limit so if no one comes around it then it will explode anyway. If you throw it and it makes contact with another player it will explode immediately.

Boo is a talented ghost. When used he will make you invisible, invincible, steal an item from your opponent, and slow down whoever is in first place.

Bullet Bill
When activated you will turn into a Bullet Bill which greatly increases your speed and makes your kart a weapon to use against others. While you're speeding ahead be sure to hit other people on your way.

Golden Mushroom
The Golden Mushroom gives you unlimited boosts for a limited time. Be sure to take advantage of it.

Green Shell
Shoot one green shell straight forward towards an opponent, or you can throw it behind you. If you drop it behind it doesn't move as fast as throwing it forward.

Triple Green Shell
When first activated they circle your kart and perform a type of shield. I recommend letting them circle your kart and getting close to other drivers to cause damage. They can be thrown forward and backwards.

Fake Item Box
This looks just like a regular item box but when hit it will cause a driver to explode into the air. Try to place these by other item boxes or in tight places where other drivers will likely hit it.

Lightning Bolt
A Lightning Bolt will strike all of your opponents causing them to spin out and making them smaller. While small they will not drive as fast and you can run over them.

Gives you a temporary speed boost. Use on straightaways, shortcuts, or to get out of a tight spot.

Triple Mushroom
Same as a mushroom but three of them.

Red Shell
The Red Shell will shoot forward and after about a second it will start homing in on whoever is in front of you. You can also shoot the Red Shell behind you but it loses it's homing ability.

Triple Red Shell
The Red Shells perform a shield around you, just like the Green Shells. When shooting someone in front of you, shoot one shell at a time. After the first shell hits, then throw the next one. Don't throw all three at once or it's just a waste.

The Star is a wonderful item. It increases your speed, makes you invulnerable to attacks, turns you into funky colors, and lets you smack up other players if you make contact with them.

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