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Shots of some Cosplayers and Koda Kumi.

The Mario Kart Machine
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Case Mod Competition Record (2 Entrys / 2 Wins)
1/25/04 - SANLAN LAN Party (2nd Place)
2/15/04 - Texas Gaming Festival (3rd Place)

The Oklahoma Gaming Exhibition
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The Oklahoma Gaming Exhibition

A shot of our booth, and from right to left: Shin and his friend Adam. I was on break at the time so people were playing whatever they wanted, which at the moment was F-Zero, Street Fighter 2 and Gradius 3.

The Austin Gaming Expo
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Shots of our booth and the News8Austin interview.

The Daily Texan Article
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Note: I never claimed to be the best in the world during the interview, nor did I say that I wanted Nintendo to recognize me as being so. This was a mistake on the part of the reporter/newspaper editor. The actual interview was much more humble.

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